Teaming with Ash

Access the world of corporate entertainment through Ash Elements and Ash Miller Motorsport

Corporate Hospitality

Indulge in the finest corporate hospitality whilst soaking up the action at the circuit. Television screens broadcast the races live, and top-class food and drink are on hand to satisfy the palette. Gather your clients and colleagues around in a quiet meeting area to discuss business, or simply sit back and enjoy the advantages of being partnered with Ash Miller.

Full On Car Branding

Let the world know you’re in the game; Ash Miller has a range of options to display your brand to the hundreds of thousands of on-site fans that watch the global motorsport each weekend. With packages and amounts of coverage correlating to the amount of support, there’s a package that’s just right for you.

Professional Proving Ground

Professional Proving Ground There are several series around the globe that are recognised as THE most exciting and identifiable way to provide the very best for your clients and guests, and rivals the most iconic global events for popularity and entertainment. All series are professionally managed and well publicised, so you can be assured you’re supporting Ash in the right direction.

LIVE Coverage On Global Television

Live TV CoverageAll related series are televised to over 5 Million people worldwide, courtesy of the world’s major television stations and media outlets. This means that you and your brand are in touch with the masses, and give your brand an edge when it comes to getting into households.

Professional, Presentable and Personable

Professional, Presentable and Personable Ash Miller himself is a fantastic vehicle for which to bridge the gap between consumer and brand. Dedicated to both professionalism and representing your brand with passion, not only are you getting a confident and well-practiced public speaker, you’re also getting a confident and friendly walking advertisement for you and your brand.

A Full Catalogue of Entertainment

A Full Catalogue of Entertainment Ash Miller is not only a race driver, he is also a well-trained racing coach – a benefit that is also on hand to you and your colleagues and clients. As part of your involvement with Ash Miller, you will be able to enjoy thrilling track days, personally tutored by Ash, to get the most out of your driving, and really experience what it is that makes Ash so passionate about his craft.

Current Sponsors

Motorsport is an expensive game and without the help of Ash’s sponsors, it simply wouldn’t be possible.



RemDis is widely becoming THE name in premium global entertainment and product distribution, enabling masses of online fans of sport to access and become part of the world of their heroes.

WIN Trading Signals

is a unique subscription service that helps its subscribers benefit from the decades of experience of two of the world’s most accurate and capable traders: Peter Varcoe and Leon Wilson.


Speed of Sight Charity

Mike Newman’s tally of records is truly unmatched by any other blindfolded or blind driver having now amassed an impressive 7 world records – 5 land speed records, 1 water speed record and 1 aerobatic record. Working with blind and disabled communities, they bring the passion of racing to those not usually able to experience the thrill of driving.

Spader Clothing

Spader Clothing

is an Australian street label founded in 2007. Designed for men and women, inspired by simplicity and boldness, Spader stands for something – passionate. Driven. A Spader is inspiring. A Spader opens doors. Spader clothing is more than just a label, it’s an expression.

5G Creative

are the guys that made this website. They are a digital agency who specialise in Motorsport web design and social media management, as well as running several motorsport sites. They run race track site TrackReviewers and driving days site Ticket Hangar.