Miller announced as Speed of Sight Ambassador

Mike Newman's Speed of Sight charity have chosen Ash as an ambassador

After working alongside popular charity Speed of Sight, it has been announced that Ash Miller will represent the UK Charity as a formal ambassador.

Operated by 7-time blind speed record holder Mike Newman, Speed of Sight is a charity raising money for similarly affected people, and since 2003 has been achieving milestones for blind and disabled people.

“Speed of Sight is an amazing charity,” Miller commented.

“Mike is an incredibly ambitious and inspiring guy, and I’m thrilled and honoured to work with Mike to raise awareness of his charity and help out at his events.”

Ash chats to BBC Radio 4 at Elvington with a guest

The latest of these events saw Newman clock a new world record for a blind land speed run, clocking 200.9mph average at Elvington Airfield in August in a specially-built Nissan GTR.

Miller has been on hand to be in-car with a number of blind and disabled attendees, instructing those in car in a specially-built dual-control Caterham, manufactured by Tameside College.

“I genuinely cannot put the words together to say how much of a good feeling it gives me being in car with all of the guys and girls that turn up to have a go. It’s incredibly rewarding to meet such a humble bunch of people, and all of them have a zest for life most fully able bodied people would crave for.”

Miller’s next on-track outing is still being debated, with an appearance at Anglesey’s Race of Remembrance and the annual Surtees Karting Challenge on the cards for the remainder of the year.

Ash in car



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