Ash Miller Motorsport renews pledge for KSS Air Ambulance for 2013


After a year of working hard to bring awareness and much needed funding for the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, Ash Miller Motorsport will again be supporting the life-saving charity in 2013.

Saving countless numbers of lives during its tenure as the primary source of airborne emergency contact, the KSSAA is a fully-charity funded organisation, aiding severely injured patients to travel from the scene of the emergency to hospital rapidly.

“It’s been fantastic being able to work with the KSSAA – many of the drivers owe their health to the quick responses of the guys and girls out there!,” Ash Miller said.

“They’re on hand all the time to ensure the safe passage of patients, often landing on the roadside in severe accidents to lift people to hospital. But they need our help in turn to survive.”

Flying fast, direct and unhindered up to 150mph the Air Ambulance can reach any part of Kent, Surrey or Sussex in under 20 minutes flying time – vitally faster than any roads, saving precious minutes.

However, it costs the KSSAA £2,500 per rescue mission – a staggering £5 million needed each year to keep the life-saving helicopters in our skies, all funded by the public.

With a plethora of fund raising events, including shooting trips to Bisley and suave black tie balls, everyone can have a little fun while supporting a vital link in the emergency services.


To donate, head to, or call 01622 833 833, and keep the KSSAA up in the air.

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